About Informed Therapy Group

Informed Therapy Group was founded by Dr. Jessica Bauer with a vision to create an accessible and reliable practice where individuals and couples could get the care they deserve in the comfort of their own space. Dr. Jessica Bauer came up with Informed Therapy Group’s name to encompass the company’s dedication to providing informed, professional, and compassionate care. Representing that this practice is not limited to any one niche, our clinicians are trained in several specialties.

She chose “Informed” because it stands for the passion she has for therapists having the necessary training, experience, and expertise to provide quality care. Dr. Bauer, along with the other therapists at Informed Therapy Group, believes that everyone should have access to the care they need in order to be successful and also know that their well-being is in the “right hands.”

Whereas she chose “Group” because it reflects the warmer environment of the practice, where clients feel supported and connected with their clinicians. It reflects her desire to bring therapists into the group that reflects the communities we serve and have different experiences and lenses through which they view the world. This way, the practice will be able to provide diverse services and experiences to our clients while also learning from one another.

About our therapists

Our therapists at Informed Therapy Group were carefully selected by Dr. Jessica Bauer based on their training, experience, and expertise in various areas of mental health. All of our clinicians have extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of areas. Each therapist is encouraged to specialize and get additional training in specialties that are uniquely tailored to their individual strengths. All of our therapists are dedicated to providing quality care, with a focus on inclusivity and respect for all. We offer sessions via video which improves access to care and makes therapy more accessible to everyone.

How we choose the right therapist for you

We believe that working with a therapist that is the right fit and who is highly qualified, allows change to happen. Our therapists each have training and experience to support their areas of focus. Our therapists are continuously learning and growing by attending trainings, reading current research, exploring new treatment modalities, and working collaboratively with other professionals. When you work with a therapist at Informed therapy group, you are in good hands.

We offer free consultations

At Informed Therapy Group, we offer a free 15-30 minute phone call with an intake coordinator. They will discuss your needs and get general information about you to set up a phone consultation with the best-suited therapist for you. During this free consultation, our intake coordinator can answer any questions you may have about our therapists and practice.

Our therapists are specialized and focus on your care

At Informed Therapy Group, we believe that everyone deserves quality care that is tailored to their individual needs. This is why our therapists specialize and focus on specific areas of mental health. As a group, we bring our expertise to clients and help them get the focused and specialized care they deserve.

With our therapists’ combined knowledge, experience, and training, we are committed to helping our clients reach their goals in an informed, compassionate, and supportive environment. Our therapists are also learning from our clients and their experiences, which helps to inform our practice and allows us to provide more comprehensive care.

Inclusivity and respect for all at Informed Therapy Group

At Informed Therapy Group, we are committed to creating an environment of inclusivity and respect for all. We are passionate about promoting cultural humility and cultural responsiveness in our work. We strive to evolve our self-awareness of ourselves, respect for others, and increase our knowledge around the identities of others.

Our commitment to providing culturally responsive services helps us further support and serve our clients and their experiences.

Our team understands that this process is never-ending and isn’t a goal that can be reached. This is why we continue to have open dialogues about our commitment to anti-oppression and anti-racism within the company and our work with clients. In addition, we require all therapists at Informed Therapy Group to attend trainings related to inclusivity and cultural responsiveness. There will also be monthly meetings to further encourage discussion around these topics.

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