Improve communication and reestablish harmony

If your union is experiencing recurrent or intense friction, allowing a professional counselor to observe and mediate conflict can allow everyone involved to feel heard and seen safely and respectfully. Pursuing counseling as a united front is a commitment to bettering circumstances for everyone involved, and is a commendable pursuit.

An open line of healthy communication is imperative for a union to maintain its strength and to thrive even under environmental or situational stressors, and beyond this, a union should always be seeking to better understand itself, better serve itself, and strengthen its weaknesses.

A union in need of couples counseling may experience:

  • Frequent fighting and disagreements (particularly arguments that feature ultimatums)
  • Real or perceived betrayals
  • Feelings of distrust
  • Sudden or gradual disinterest in one’s partner or partnership
  • A feeling of ‘growing apart’
  • A worsening fear of vulnerability or insecurity
  • Being frequently misunderstood or misrepresented
  • Disagreements in prioritizing shared responsibilities (issues of emotional, familial, social,
    academic, or financial concerns)
  • Fear or avoidance of commitment(s)
  • Discord when faced with hard adjustment periods or transitional stages

Couples therapy is effective when both individuals feel safe and supported

While providing non-judgmental insight for all concerned parties, we can help you and your partner establish and maintain healthy lines of communication, boundaries, and practices that best serve the happiness of your union in the present and for the future.

You and your partner deserve to be consistently met with equal sensitivity, understanding, compassion, and belief, and couples therapy can help to curate and better hone listening and communication skills that will keep your union healthy and happy.

Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new. —Ursula K. Le Guin

Identifying what is wrong, broken, or no longer useful within a relationship is important to moving forward and creating a better or stronger union. What is also equally important within couples counseling is to find what does work, and to encourage more of it, to give these aspects a place to flourish.

In couples therapy, individuals can mend what is unwell or unhelpful, while strengthening and amplifying what works, and what makes the union so special.

If your union is facing a markedly difficult chapter, allow us the opportunity help facilitate fortitude within your relationship, foster gentleness and understanding, provide a neutral space to establish clear, new goals, plan for the future, heal from the past, and introduce new problem-solving skills to help you improve your interactions.

All unions of all kinds encounter roadblocks and times of malcontent that can threaten the very foundation of one’s union, and if the stressors influencing this unhappiness are getting to be too much, reach out for help.

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