Grief is a personal journey, and you deserve support during this intense and isolating time in your life.

Grief is an experience unique to each individual, and unique to each particular loss, and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Grief can come in cycles, where an individual feels sure that they’ve seen to completion every stage and element of their grief, experience a reprieve, regain some sense of normalcy, and then suddenly the grief unexpectedly hits them again like a wound cut afresh.

Other times, grief can come in big waves, hitting hard and fast, then receding, only to return again with the same intensity.

While there are some identifiable stages of grief, there is no set, definite, universal experience of them, there is no right or wrong intensity at which to feel them, and there is no wrong or right amount of time to spend feeling them. In that same vein, there is nothing that dictates that all and any stages of grief won’t reemerge or repeat themselves over time.

Grief is a fluid experience of mixed emotions, sometimes unrecognizable ones that only a counselor can help one work through, and some feelings may need to be readdressed and re-processed as we move through different stages of our lives.

Grief can sometimes present as denial, anger, despair, numbness, mania, depression, anxiety, sudden personality changes, confusion, fear, guilt – grief is a mixed bag of all of these feelings and more.

Healing from Personal Loss

When the grief of a loss hits, or an individual is suffering anticipatory grief preceding the impending loss of a loved one, the onset of disorganization, fatigue, changes in focus, appetite, and sleep all require creative methods of counseling to manage.

Personal loss can change an individual’s life at a fundamental level and in unforeseeable ways; interpersonal relationships can change drastically or fizzle out, unions can suffer, friendships can struggle. Work and academic standards can suddenly take hits as well, and to keep yourself functional, stable, and well, grief counseling may be necessary.

There is no replacing a loved one lost, but there are ways to cope with the absence their departure leaves, a way to manage oneself and one’s grief so that the grief does not overtake an individual’s life.

If you want the help of a trained professional as you process grief as it’s occurring, or you’re already in the aftermath and your life feels like it’s lost purpose, focus, or direction, or that you yourself have lost control of how much the grief is affecting you, reach out for help.

Ready to get started?

We will never rush you through any stage of grief. We are here to validate your experiences, and while healing from the trauma of personal loss is an element of treatment, we are most concerned with making sure you know you are not alone, and that you can have joy again.

When you’re ready, contact us and schedule an appointment, and we will work through the grief together.

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