Address Your Fear and Worry With Anxiety Therapy

An element that exacerbates clinical anxiety is this enduring feeling of otherness. Another element is sensing that one’s peers or loved ones are not experiencing the same levels or frequency of anxiety. That they’re not perceiving reality through the same lens. An individual can understand that one’s anxiety is perhaps disproportionate or irrational by comparison. But knowing and feeling are very different things, and clinical anxiety will persist, even in the face of reason.

Individuals suffering from anxiety disorders may be aware of the disparity between the output of their anxious feelings, and the input of anxiety-provoking information, situations, or environmental factors. All of which can be a source of frustration. The awareness of this disparity cannot help to reason away anxiety disorders. The frustration with oneself can really only serve to worsen feelings of worthlessness and isolation.

Photo of a man sitting on his couch looking at his laptop with his hands folded together covering his mouth. Have your anxiety symptoms taken over your daily routine? Learn how anxiety therapy in Atlanta, GA can help you manage your anxiety symptoms with coping skills like meditation skills.

Ways Anxiety Can Manifest Itself

There is a wide range of anxiety disorders. There is GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), Panic Disorder, or PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Other disorders include Postpartum Anxiety Disorder, OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), Specific Phobic disorders, and more. This is to say that your anxiety may be presenting as a vague but persistent sense of unease. In a way that is unique to you.

Some symptoms of anxiety that appear across diagnoses are:

  • Incessant, nagging feelings of vague dread
  • Finding oneself fatigued more easily or more frequently than is appropriate or normal
  • Disturbed sleep (nightmares, thrashing, sleepwalking, broken sleep, insomnia, etc)
  • A marked uptick in irritability
  • Rapid or dramatic mood swings
  • Excessive worrying and/or intrusive thoughts
  • Physical manifestations of unrest; nausea, spells of dizziness, digestive disruptions, body aches, etc

In more severe cases, a person may experience heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, or such intense feelings of impending doom that they seek treatment at emergency clinics.

There is no time too early to seek treatment or help from a professional. Persistent anxiety, even if a desirable standard of living and working is maintainable while endured, should not go ignored. If an individual is experiencing consistent, or worsening anxiety, anxiety therapy can only help.

If an individual is experiencing uncontrollable anxiety, or their anxiety is beginning to mount in a way that is altering or negatively affecting their daily living or work, help is available.

There is a multitude of approaches for treating anxiety disorders and multiple methods of symptom management, so building a treatment plan is particular to the individual.

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Photo of a woman sitting on the floor holding her laptop and smiling. Learn how an anxiety therapist in Atlanta, GA can help you overcome your anxiety symptoms.

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