While pregnancy is an exciting time, it can also be a challenging time.

The process of trying to conceive and adjusting to pregnancy can be stressful and you are not alone in experiencing emotional changes in your pregnancy. You may experience sadness as well as worries or fears about pregnancy. These fears can include reaching certain milestones in the pregnancy, the birthing process, medical procedures during pregnancy or the birth, and doctor appointments. Those who experienced a previous miscarriage or loss may experience increased fears or concerns during pregnancy. After a loss, you may be feeling sadness and experiencing grief while trying to process all the new changes during your pregnancy. Additionally, pregnancy itself can be overwhelming due to all the hormonal and physical changes that occur for individuals. For these reasons, pregnant individuals can experience an increase in mental health issues.

What mental health conditions can you experience during pregnancy (the ‘antenatal’ period)?

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Pregnancy OCD (PPOCD)
  • Bipolar Mood Disorder

What are the risk factors for developing mental health issues during pregnancy?

  • A personal or family history of mental health issues
  • Inadequate support
  • Financial stress
  • Relationship stress
  • Complications in pregnancy
  • A major recent life event: loss, house move, job loss
  • Individuals who’ve gone through infertility treatments
  • History of thyroid imbalance

When to seek help during pregnancy?

It’s time to get support if you are experiencing the following:

  • You don’t feel like yourself.
  • You are feeling sad or depressed.
  • You are more irritable or angry.
  • You feel anxious or worried.
  • You are having issues with sleep or eating.
  • You are experiencing negative or upsetting thoughts.

Counseling during pregnancy helps you gain awareness into their inner world, identify any stressors or concerns regarding their pregnancy, identify strengths, establish healthy coping strategies, and mobilize support systems.

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