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Safe & Supportive Counseling for Individuals & Couples

Warmth, Empathy, Respect

Informed Therapy Group helps individuals and couples change their lives in meaningful ways.

Our therapists are personally and professionally driven to offer services by the strong belief that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to feel safe and supported in the therapeutic alliance. Our approach is warm and empathetic to help clients feel safe to explore their inner world and gain the growth and awareness they seek in their lives. The therapists at Informed Therapy Group bring a rich and diverse set of personal experiences and clinical expertise to provide focused and informed care to individuals and couples.

Learn more about our services and how Informed Therapy Group can help you achieve the changes you want in life.

Counseling Services

All therapists at Informed Therapy Group offer specialties grounded in their education, training, and expertise.

Our therapists offer sessions via video, allowing clients in various areas to access quality services.

  • We can help you manage your emotions during pregnancy and prepare for the changes and challenges ahead.

  • We can help you address any mental health issues after having your baby and help you enjoy this exciting time in your life.

  • Our therapists can help you and your partner build a relationship that is supportive, loving, and safe.

  • Our team helps support individuals navigate through their grief and normalize all the intense emotions that accompany a loss in your life.

Our focus is your mental health & wellbeing

Most people think of counseling as a way to deal with difficult life situations, such as divorce, addiction or grief.

But did you know that counseling can also be beneficial for those who are doing well? In fact, many people choose to see a counselor on a regular basis simply to maintain their mental health and well-being.

Convenient, Flexible, Virtual Counseling

At Informed Therapy Group, we offer virtual telehealth appointments, so you have the flexibility to prioritize your mental health when and where it’s convenient for you. We believe in the power of therapy to create change in people’s lives.

This change happens best when you are working with someone who is a good fit and provides a safe, open, and collaborative space.

We have a team of therapists who are highly qualified and specialized to offer you empirically supported treatment options. With the support of our professional team of therapists, you can take the first steps towards improving your mental health.

Meet Jessica Bauer, PhD

Informed Therapy Group Founder

After successfully running a private practice for 8 years, Jessica founded Informed Therapy Group to offer research-driven therapy techniques to both individuals and couples.

Jessica created this practice with the vision of bringing a group of therapists together to help people change their lives using leading edge techniques.

Dr. Jessica Bauer is a licensed psychologist who is currently able to practice therapy in 33+ states, including Georgia.

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